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Add ICS file to Google Calendar

Adding events from ICS file to Google Calendar is a relatively simple operation. If you are looking for ways to move event data from one calendar to another read the following guide on how to import and export data from/to Google Calendar.

Follow the steps below to upload data from ICS file to Google Calendar.

  • Make sure that you know the location of the ICS file you want to add. It needs to be in iCalendar RFC-5545 format.
  • Open or
  • Click the gear icon in the toolbar and then the "Settings" item in the menu.

  • Click "Import & Export" in the left menu.

  • Click on the "Select file from your computer" area.
  • Browse to the folder where your ICS file is located, select it and click "Open".
  • Select the calendar where you want to add events from the ICS file.
  • Click "Import" button.