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iCS Frequently Asked Questions

What is ICS file?

ICS file extension is used by iCalendar internet standard to store events, to-dos, free/busy information and journal entries. The ICS file format is defined in RFC5545 specification.

How can I view ICS file?

ICS files could be opened in Microsoft Outlook, Yahoo! Calendar, Google Calendar, Apple Calendar, Mozilla Thunderbird.

What is iCalendar?

iCalendar is a storage format for calendaring and scheduling information according to Internet Calendaring and Scheduling Core Object Specification.

Are ICS files binary?

No, ICS files are plain text. They could be opened in any text editor and most information in ICS file is relatively easy to interpret. At the same time it is recommended to import ICS file into calendar software which can display it and an easy to understand and usable way.

Can I view ICS file without any application installed?

Yes, on Mac OS you can use Calendar app to view ICS files. Calendar app is pre-installed on every Mac OS device. On Windows 10 you can use Windows Calendar app which is is also pre-installed on any Windows 10 device.